Audio Tours

  • Audio Tour - Deji Art Museum - Nothing Still About Still Lifes: Special Exhibition

  • Children's museum audio guide – curious – engaging – fun

  • Museum installation – Robert Gober - thought-provoking – intelligent – critical

  • Audio Tour - Art Museum - Gerhard Richter

  • Art Museum guide - Painting – Frank Stella

A visit to a museum can be a memorable experience – especially when you have a guide with you, maybe a friend who just can't wait to show you their favorite exhibits, and help you understand what they love about them. That's the kind of experience I love to create in audio tours.

It's important that the tone of the tour be a good match for the exhibit. Sometimes the informal, warm tone of a local guide may be called for; other exhibitions are better suited by a thoughtful, polished read. And a children's museum calls for a bright, fun read to keep children engaged. 

My experience in audio guides ranges from voicing a tour for a major exhibition of still lifes in Nanjing's Deji Art Museum, to dubbing the voice of an expert for a virtual installation in Notre Dame. Whatever the style of your audio tour, I'll bring a read that will let your guests feel welcome, informed, and engaged.

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