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    Description: Sample of my work in a variety of e-learning projects

  • Tips for language learners - Advice to learners – thoughtful – encouraging – engaging

  • Multi-Currency Accounts - business - clear - confident - knowledgeable

  • Bone Marrow Immune Cells - Medical education – precise – clear

  • English pronunciation - ESL teaching – friendly – informal

  • Art History - Intelligent – clear – fascinated

  • Irish grammar - Grammar lesson – bilingual – intriguing

With an extensive background in education, including over 15 years as a university instructor, I have a deep appreciation of the need for clarity in teaching. This requires not just clear and natural enunciation, but an understanding of the goals of a course, and the structure of individual scripts.

Intention can also play a crucial role in establishing a connection with the listener that enables true learning. When teaching the intricacies of Russian grammar, I was keenly aware of the need to at times encourage, reassure, or motivate my students. 

These intentions are just as important when standing before a microphone in a studio, as they were when I stood in front of a class. I used this approach in narrating over 200 e-learning videos, and look forward to doing the same for your project.

What learners are saying

Great videos, great explanations.

Your lessons mean a lot to me. Your у меня есть lesson for present tense possession was a milestone to me.

These are consistently amazing. Thank you.

This is soo good. Well-edited, good explanations... Looking forward to many more videos!

Please dont stop making videos, I treasure them all, thanks!

You're the best! Thank you so much for all of these excellent, extremely helpful videos.

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